Workshops + Training

The Counter Narrative Project provides workshops and trainings that center the stories and experiences of black gay men. Through our trainings we seek to build power, offer political education, and mobilize our communities around such topics as movement history, resisting criminalization, and storytelling as social change.  We offer these trainings to educational institutions, service providers, advocates, and community members. 


Black Gay Movement History

This workshop focuses on lessons learned around black gay men's
movement history and what we can learn and apply to our current political moment. Participants will leave the workshop with a greater appreciation and understanding of the incredible and powerful contributions black gay men have made to the HIV justice movement   More information →

Storytelling & Social Change

This workshop explores how narratives are critical to social and policy change. We will work with participants to tell their stories and connect their personal experiences to social and structural realities. From there we work to help participants figure out how to take action,  More information →


The Campaign to Free Michael Johnson

This workshop explores lessons learned from the national. solitary effort to support Michael Johnson.  More information →

Sacred Spaces & Community Building

This workshop explores the history of house music and the contributions black gay men made to this art form. We also explore what house music has meant for black gay community building, and the implications this has had for collective resilience.  More information →