From the Founder.


The Counter Narrative Project builds power among black gay men and works in solidarity and coalition with all movements committed to social and racial justice. 

I founded the Counter Narrative Project in 2014 to create a political home for black gay men and our allies. We believe that storytelling is critical to social change, and by amplifying the voices of black gay men, we are shifting the public narrative. So very often stories have been told about us, the work of the Counter Narrative Project is to ensure that we are the authors of our own narratives, that we are in charge of our stories.  At the Counter Narrative Project we also believe in the power of collective memory as a way to respond to collective trauma. We stand in the tradition of the 1980s black gay cultural renaissance, and see our work as a love letter to 

to our ancestors like Essex Hemphill, Marlon Riggs, and Joseph Beam.

The Counter Narrative Project is committed to building power in our communities. We continue to serve as one of the many political voices of our community. So please join us in our journey. We welcome you here. 

Charles Stephens  Founder & Executive Director

Charles Stephens
Founder & Executive Director

Charles Stephens  with members of the #CNPTribe

Charles Stephens with members of the #CNPTribe