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Do Discussion Groups Still Matter?

Something special happened in Oakland in June 1986. Three Black men wanted to do something about the isolation often faced by gay men like themselves. They met, and that meeting planted the seed for a group called Black Gay Men United (BGMU). Each of them, in turn, invited three of their friends to the next meeting. Within months, the group had a steady core of 15 to 18 men who met each month. I was one of those men.

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Dying Alone, Living Together

Partnership has never come naturally to me; the idea or the lifestyle of it. When I feel the most at peace is when I am alone. When life makes the most sense to me is when I can reflect on it in solitude. Billie Holiday sings in her blues song “Solitude”: “In my solitude, you haunt me with memories of days gone by.” This, I suspect, is one of the reasons people can find themselves attempting to escape quietude. In this space, ideas and memories both pleasant and traumatic are able to flood the mind.

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