(Video Blog) Rev. Duncan E. Teague on Emerging From Spiritual Suffering

Rev. Duncan E. Teague

Rev. Duncan E. Teague

In the mid-1980s Duncan Teague and other Atlanta black LGBT folks called a meeting in his living room to respond to the HIV epidemic and to increase the Atlanta organizing in the black LGBT communities. At the time the effect of HIV on the black community did not receive the needed public attention. In our communities, in our night clubs, and in our organizations, we knew and cared for the people being impacted. Teague understood intimately how this was changing black LGBT life, and he stepped up as a leader. That meeting contributed to the birthing of the African American Gay and Lesbian Alliance (AALGA). This meeting also helped set the stage for a lifetime of service and advocacy for our communities.

To honor our friend, comrade, and brother, the Counter Narrative Project, an advocacy organization that works to improve the lives of black gay men, and Georgia Equality, an organization that seeks to advance fairness, safety and opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and allies throughout the state of Georgia, partnered together to secure a proclamation from the Georgia House of Representatives to honor Teague. Rep. Park Cannon agreed to sponsor the resolution and he was honored on February 16, 2017 at the Georgia General Assembly. For details, click here.

Rev. Teague sat down with Counter Narrative Project to offer words of wisdom about what it takes to emerge from spiritual suffering.

For more information on Rev. Teague visit: https://aluuv.org/about/leadership/