#ArtIsResilience: Black Gay Men, Music, and Power

As Black gay men, the most prominent and public narratives about our lives are often told through narrow statistics and structural violence. Though we recognize how those forces shape our realities, we reject the centrality of those narratives in defining our existence. We also reject deficit-based narratives because we know they ultimately reproduce the stigma that they pretend to describe. We know that we are more than those narratives. Our relationship to music is evidence of our beautiful complexity.

We are the most powerful authors of our narratives.

Music is a source of personal strength, and collective power. Even in our darkest days, we have looked to music to offer comfort and inspire resilience. Music has inspired and continues to inspire our activism. Music has inspired and continues to inspire our culture.   From Gospel to Hip-Hop, from House to Soul, music tells the stories of our lives and affirms our deepest desires. Many of us owe our survival to music. Its imperative that Black gay men's programmatic and political engagement consider the role of music in our lives. 

Healthcare providers have much to learn, not only about the things that make us sick, but the things that make us well.

This month, to commemorate Black Music Month and LGBT Pride Month, the Counter Narrative Project will be sharing stories from our network members about music through words and images.  Below are some of the memes we will be sharing throughout June. Please feel free to download and share on your social media using the hashtag #ArtIsResilience.

Tell Us Your Story. We Want to hear from you. 

Let the world know. Share the story of what song, album or artist, saved your life along with an image using the hashtag #ArtIsResilience!