UPRISING (1993) by G. Winston James

 G. Winston James

G. Winston James

By: G. Winston James

I want to start a campaign

One that gets homosexuals

To recall

What it means to be gay

A campaign that will scrape away

At milennias' worth of stone

To unearth the legions

Of sissified warriors

Who lived, died

And worked their magic

In, on and about

This world.


I want to ignite a protest

To gather all the mystics

In one place,

That we might speak that one truth

That will suck the moisture

From the air

Create oceans at our feet

That truth that will

Snuff out the light

And remind the Children

That we have been here

Since creation.


I want also to invoke the Bible

To say that in the beginning

Was the word

And that word shaped the Universe

Into a thing of so many wonders

That mortal man

Can only fail to see

Unless he admits that

He is as blind as the stars

And much less significant

Than the trees that have survived

Far longer than he.


I want to summon

The truth of names

The defining energy

That dwells within them

To let the mouths of our enemies

Show us

They have always known

That we were defined by power

As the fairy's magic lives

The flame of the faggot burns

The strength of the dyke holds

The gaiety of the queer endures.

I want to ignite a blaze,

A conflagration of lesbians who remember

What it was like to watch

Their sisters burn in the night

Struggling against the fetters

That bound them

To the witching posts

To the lies

To the angry penises

Jealous of  feminine power

So softly displayed like iron

At the hot core of the earth.


I want us to shatter the windows of heaven

With diamonds

To assemble before the throne of God

Dressed in the stars

Holding the planets in our hands

Asking the angels simply:

Are we not beautiful

That the rivers and the wind

Sing our names in the gloaming

If we are not, then God, destroy the world

For you have put nothing marvelous

In it.


Copyright © 1993 G. Winston James